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Our Parrots are treated like Royalty.

Bed and Breakfast services in stainless and glass. Our aviary has a misting system, bird sounds, painted water fall on the wall and Full spectrum lighting.

At Perching at the Ritz, we take pride in raising our baby parrots. We spend a lot of time playing with our babies training them and socializing them with a variety of people. This gives your new companion the love and care they need to ensure you not only get a healthy companion, but also a loving companion. We believe a baby parrot that is shown love will show love.

We hand feed every baby parrot and DO NOT tube feed our babies. They are weaned onto a healthy pellet diet and are given a variety of fruits and vegetables. If the baby of your choice is not available from our aviary, we are networked with a select few quality aviaries who do not sell to the general public.




Traveling to the east coast this summer.
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Boost your breeding production
36 years experience owner operated of the largest parrot breeders in Texas

Let us raise a loving companion for you!

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